Bubble wrap was a key material used in the process of this project. After playing around with various compositions on the scanner and seeing how each bubble creases differently.  I realised it’s relevance to procrastination, for the act of popping a single bubble surrounded by other bubbles, there is no other reason to do so other than to be stimulated by the satisfactory burst. Procrastination is merely the process of seeking simulation elsewhere, avoiding the purpose of the task in hand. Alike bubble wrap being a protective material, it offers another function as a facilitator for procrastination. By popping a bubble, the material becomes slightly less affective than what it was with no bubbles popped. Therefore I suggest the act of popping bubble wrap to be a pinnacle of procrastination.

     I used the project to develop my technical skills with various animations and posters depicting my various ideas for procrastination. 

As well as building an additional section to my website which documents the process of the project and the various outcomes I made. I plan on continuing my exploration into procrastination and documenting the things I create on my website and instagram in the coming months and beyond my time at LCC. 

    The main creative people who inspired and influenced the design of this project are David Carson and his niche typographic style as well as the collages and paintings of Mattise. Karl Toomey for his alternative outlook on the world. Artist Tom Sachs for his execution of executing functional art in his own DIY way. Amongst other key references which are on the website. This project also helped me learn about my own decision making, I found myself considering decisions less and just doing it. Writing freely in my sketchbook enabled me to come up with loads of ideas. By giving myself less boundaries, I found my procrastination disappearing. By using the scanner to create the various compositions for the book I had less control over what the scan would look like, I let the imperfections happen and it enhanced the ‘unfinished’ nature of the subject. The typeface ‘Work Sans’ was used for the majority of the project. Because of not only its name being relevant to the project, but also the basic grotesque characteristics, having a lot of versatility and the aesthetic value which relates to my inspirations.  

    This project has been a refreshing experience for me and I hope it shows in what I have produced. The creative freedom this self initiated project enabled me to design some work I’m incredibly proud of. 

The process has helped me learn what procrastination is and how to overcome it. At the end of the day, we’re all in charge of ourselves for getting whatever task you may need to do done. We make decisions to do what we want, whenever we want. Yet procrastination happens and will continue to happen, it’s just part of being a human.