A project for the competition for London Design week and Sydney Design festival. The question was 'Design what is it good for?’. The project is a platform for design students to explore the difference design makes and the role of designers in the real world. The manifesto & poster below address my answer to the question. The poster was chosen to be exhibited at the London College of Communication in London and in Swinburne University in Sydney. 

This manifesto isn’t about how ruined the design world is, or how we are all going to die because of consumerism, or why we should all try and be different because ‘we are all the same’ and some bright spark has only just noticed.

It’s actually about why design is good.

Design is good because everyone is different,
When you see something, a piece of art, an advert, an

Aardvark ....Anything
You see it in your own eyes, no one else’s
So as designers
We can control the different things people see,
the thing they see,
the way people see that thing,
feelings they may feel when they see it
that’s pretty cool if you ask me
so just keep on doing what your doing,
be creative.
Just remember,


it’s not what you see, but it’s the way you see it.