A collaborative project for the Brixton Pound to encourage the community to have more interaction with the local currency. Working closely together to come up with a range of of low cost, functional and engaging ideas. 

Brixton on a Board is a low-cost easy to produce board game. Using businesses which support the local currency and putting it into the form of the game of monopoly. It’s printed on a single sheet to keep production costs down. 

Pop up Brixton is a multi-functional cart which gives the currently a versatile presence in the community that can be used in many different contexts.  We came up with a few possible uses such as a a Mobile Bank or Cash Point, a community Street Gallery, Pop Up Caffe, Surplus / Charity Drop Off. It can be adapted to suit the different needs of the client. 

Hoax Coaster is to encourage people to utilise the currency, we found that a lot of people hold on to Brixton money rather than spend it because it’s different. We used images of used notes and applied them to cardboard coasters which can be distributed to the local bars and pubs which support the local currency.